Wedding preparations. Finally some rain. Living wills.

Wedding preparations

David's Bridal
Elaine got her dress from David’s Bridal

We needed to make some added preparations for granddaughter Taylor Dockter’s wedding at the end of this month. The wedding is in the Bahamas on December 31. Elaine had bought a dress a few months ago but needed to have it finally adjusted. So we went to the David’s Bridal store on N Tatum near Paradise Valley Mall to have it done. She had bought it at a David’s Bridal in Salt Lake City. Probably she should have gone to them sooner, but they will have it done in time.

Men's Wearhouse
I am getting my suit from Men’s Wearhouse

I need a black suit to wear at the wedding; I will help with officiating. We went to the¬†Men’s Wearhouse¬†store near N Tatum and Shea where they have rentals and I got fitted and made arrangements for that. I haven’t had a need for a suit for several years and nothing I had was black, in any case. My suit will also be ready in time. Men’s Wearhouse had me in and out in a short time because they are well organized for doing this.

We will leave a few days ahead of the wedding and will stay in the Bahamas for several days after. That will give us an opportunity to learn more about a place we have never been.

Rain? Thunder?

It had been over 100 days with no measurable rainfall in the Valley but last night we got some here in Royal Palm. Some other parts of the Valley – notably in downtown Glendale – got a tenth of an inch or more. Our rainfall was probably less than 0.05 inches. Our total rainfall so far this calendar year has been just over 4 inches.

What alerted us was the rolling thunder that preceded the storm. It has been a long time since we heard thunder!

Living wills

We have procrastinated in updating our living wills and durable powers of attorney. My article for Senior Resources in December’s Royal Palm newsletter discussed the need for these documents and provided links to the Life Care Planning document package at the Arizona Attorney General’s web site. This package provides a Living Will, Durable Health Care Power of Attorney, Durable Mental Health Care Power of Attorney, and Pre-Hospital Medical Directive along with instructions and other documents. These are written to comply with Arizona law.

The package downloads as a PDF file and I made one copy for Elaine and one for me. The forms are set up so that you can fill in the blanks while reading the document in a PDF reader. You can also print it out and fill it in by hand. We will get ours done and put them on file soon.

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