Elaine feeling better. Lots of cooking. Cooler weather.

Elaine feeling better

It is so good to see Elaine feeling better! She still tires easily, but she usually gets 5-6 hours of activity in before it hits her. She recovers faster, too. Dr Johnson told her she would recover slowly and that it would take some time, but that she would get over the viral infection in time. It has been 3-4 weeks now that she has been not well and that is strange for her. She is rarely sick for long.

Lots of cooking

chili pot
Elaine is cooking a pot full of chili for the Women’s Bazaar tomorrow

As a measure of how well she is doing, she spent much of the day cooking. She had made four loaves of banana bread a couple of days ago and made four more today. She started the day making a large batch of chili in the crock pot, then the banana bread, then a large pan of chocolate fudge. These items are for sale at the Women’s Club Christmas Bazaar tomorrow.

The chili will be joined by other chilis and other foods that will be for sale at lunch. The banana bread loaves will be for sale at the Baked Goods Table as will the fudge. The Women’s Club has this Bazaar as an annual event to raise money for the Club’s projects. Residents can have a table from which to sell their craft goods and other items they have made. More tomorrow.

bread and fudge
Banana bread and chocolate fudge, also for the Bazaar

We had the chili for supper, and I can attest that it is delicious. She used a box of Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit mix, added some shredded Mexican cheese instead of cheddar, and baked some biscuits to go with the chili. She had wanted to make cornbread but did not have the ingredients.

She handled the chili on her own as well as the biscuits, but she needed my help in stirring the cooking fudge and the banana bread mix.

Cooler weather

Just a week ago I was reporting higher than normal temperatures, but that changed a few days ago. Our highs have been around or just under the normal for this time of year. The last two days the morning temp was around 52-56° but there was a 15 mph wind, which created a wind chill condition. This morning, however, there was no wind. When I got up around 5:30 the temp was 42° but by the time I took the boys out for their walk around 7:30 it had gone up to 41° – whoa: that’s not UP, that’s DOWN! It did finally warm up to 66° this afternoon, which is only 1° below normal.

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