Christmas Bazaar. Warm again. Breakfast at The Cracked Egg.

Christmas Bazaar

Sharlene buying some of Elaine’s fudge at the baked goods table. There was a wide selection of items for sale.

The Royal Palm Women’s Club Christmas Bazaar today was a success. Chris Nugent reported that the Club took in around $600 from the event. There were only nine tables where members had their crafts and other items for sale – fewer than in some years past – but they had a great selection of beautiful items. Elaine helped with the baked goods table, which featured many selections including her banana bread and fudge. It all sold out. Her chili was also a hit, and the big Crock Pot was empty before they were done. Elaine stayed with it until around 11:00 or so, but decided to return home due to being tired.

craft tables
Some of the craft tables at the Bazaar

I visited the Bazaar early on and got some photos and checked out the items for sale. There was nothing I was interested in, however. I could see that items for sale were of high quality.

Warm Again

We were back up to 77° today, 11° above normal, and our forecast is for more of same for the next week. With little wind, it was very pleasant out this afternoon. I decided to go swimming this afternoon, having not done so for a couple of weeks due to being busy with many other activities.

Our day started out at 40°, though, the lowest of the year to date.

Breakfast at The Cracked Egg

Our Saturday morning breakfast out was at The Cracked Egg on W Glendale Ave. We’ve been here several times before, and enjoy their food. Their servings are amazingly large, though. I saw pancake orders coming out with cakes some 12 inches in diameter or so!

Elaine ordered a Breakfast Burrito and reported it was tasty. I ordered a half Irish Omelet (it was stuffed with corned beef hash). We both asked for tomato slices instead of potatoes and each got about eight slices! Way too many, but we brought the excess home.

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