Golf cart undecorating. Christmas dinner prep. Elaine update.

This morning I removed some of the decorations on the golf cart, but only the wings, crown, and halo. Elaine wanted to leave the rest for a while at least, but I wanted to get rid of the things that caused obstructions (the wings) or were likely to come apart (the crown and halo). What’s left will still leave a brightly decorated golf cart for the season!

Today was Elaine’s day to cook for the Annual Christmas Dinner at Royal Palm. The Dinner is a two-night event because the Clubhouse will only hold about 80-90 people for dining and we expect 150 or more to attend. She is cooking tonight and we are going to the Dinner tomorrow night. The Dinner is free to residents, paid for by the Social Club. We helped out tonight by delivering some meals to people who are not able to get out to enjoy the Dinner.

In case you were wondering, Elaine continues to improve in her recovery from the virus that has had her knocked down for more than a month now. Some days she has more energy than others, but each day she has to take a rest in the afternoon. It is good to see her more like her lively self, though!


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