Christmas Dinner. More icicle lights.

Christmas Dinner

at serving line
The first table is up and at the serving line.Ro

It was our turn to eat at the Christmas Dinner tonight. This was the second of two nights. We had a total of 160-170 people eating, counting both nights, which is a good turnout from our roughly 550-person community. There were about 15 volunteers that worked at each dinner to set out the cooked foods and served them to diners; many worked both nights. There were also volunteers who helped to set up the hall each night and others who did cleanup each night. We have a great community here, with lots of spirit and helping hands.

More icicle lights

more icicle lights
We’ve added two more strings of violet icicle lights along the patio awning. This is the line on the left edge of the photo.

This morning Pete Petersen and I put up two more strings of violet icicle lights along the awning on the south side. There were two strings there already, so this makes four. This is as far as we will go along that side; the lights now extend to the end of our awning – about 48 feet.

We still have two more strings to add on the north side of the house, but that is for another day.

Elaine headed off to do some shopping while we were working. She needed to get some shoes and other clothing items for the upcoming wedding and reported that she was successful.

Once she was home, it was around noon so we all three headed off for lunch. We went to Lucky’s Burgers & Shakes on N 19th Ave. We had not been there for a month or two. They have great burgers and Elaine thinks their fries are tops. She and I shared a double-burger with bacon and an order of fries. Actually, everything we have tried there has been great. Pete eats there often. He has them make a custom shake – a Black Forest Cake shake.

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