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Dave angiogram
Dave checking in at hospital for angiogram

Dave spent most of the day at John C Lincoln Honor Health Hospital (JCL) having an angiogram done. A recent stress test showed some abnormality and Dr Kauffman ordered the angiogram to see if the problem was associated with heart plumbing. It was not. Dr Aquino, who performed the angiogram (Dr Kauffman had a back injury so could not do the procedure), reported that all the large and medium blood vessels around the heart had less than 25% blockage and some had little or none. We haven’t talked with Dr Kauffman yet but I have an appointment with him on Monday afternoon. We don’t know exactly what the stress test told him, and we will learn more about what he wants to do next at that appointment.

We reported to the hospital at 9:00 am and went through the admissions and preparation process. The procedure was started at 11:00 and I was in the recovery room around 12:20. In the recovery room I had to lie flat on my back and not move my legs for four hours, and then had to go through a progressive sitting up process for another hour. We finally left at 5:00 pm.

Dr Aquino prefers to do this procedure using a wrist artery but mine did not qualify so he did it using a groin location. Now I have a sore left groin.

I can only give the highest praise to all the staff with which I came in contact today at JCL. All were professional yet friendly and caring. I was also impressed with the procedures and safeguards in place, such as being asked at two different points in the process what I believed I was there for today. I was also asked for my date of birth and other personal data info at least three times; this helps them be certain they are doing the procedure on the correct person.

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  1. Be careful about bending over for the next couple of days. When I did the day after the procedure I started leaking. Called the surgeon’s office and was told to lie down and put pressure on the incision. bleeding stopped.
    Those are remarkedly low numbers, as my cardilogist told me “whatever you are doing, keep on doing”


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