Not much new. Newsletter.

It was a quiet day for both of us today. Elaine did some work at her desk, finishing the minutes for the Social Club for the monthly meeting tomorrow. I went to the office to talk with Lisa Boyd, Manager, to discuss items for the upcoming newsletter. I also collected the Park’s financial contribution to the newsletter while there, then took those moneys to our Treasurer, Jo Elmore.

In addition, I also had several email communications with Sherry Saxon, Operations Manager for Continental Communities – the owners of Royal Palm. She had several questions about where we get TV, telephone, and Internet services. We also discussed advertising in our newsletter and she took out six months’ worth of full page color ads for Continental. That will greatly help the newsletter to pay for itself, and that is our goal.

With those commitments from the Park and Continental Communities along with other new advertisers we have added in the last month we should have a surplus over the next few months at least!

I did a lot of resting today, following the angiogram yesterday. I found that when I lay back in the recliner it eases the discomfort but if I sit in my office chair for long the discomfort comes back. So I stretch out as much as I can.

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