Day off. Breakfast at Melrose Kitchen. Instant Pot dinner. Newsletter.

You may have noticed that there was no post from me yesterday. I took the day off. When it got time to do the post I was huddled under a blanket in my recliner, with a chill, too tired to do much except snuggle with Gizmo. Better today!

Elaine at Melrose Kitchen
Elaine at Melrose Kitchen for breakfast. Interesting interior!

We went for breakfast on Saturday to Melrose Kitchen on N 7th Ave in the Melrose District. It was our first time there, but it won’t be our last. Excellent food, great menu choices, and an eclectic interior. Elaine said it reminded her of the Sugar Bowl, an old-time restaurant in Green River WY when she was young.  The decorations are old time and the restaurant interior is as well. But it is well kept and clean and the tables and seating are fairly new. The staff was mostly Chinese, which I found unexpected for the restaurant theme!

They offer an extensive selection from 34 ingredients for their Build Your Own Omelet or Breakfast Burrito (three eggs and up to six ingredients for $9.49). They have a mix of American and Mexican dishes for both breakfast and lunch. As you will see if you click the link for the menu, their prices are reasonable.

Blueberry and Granola Pancake
My breakfast was a Blueberry and Granola Pancake with a side of sausage. Delicious!

I had the Blueberry and Granola Pancake with a side of sausage. The sausage side included four links, not the typical two or three. The pancake order standard is three cakes (I only had one) for $6.49. Elaine had the Stuffed French Toast (comes with two eggs) for $9.29. She also ordered sausage, so the boys had plenty of take home. My pancake was very tasty and the granola on top added a nice crunch. I look forward to trying other things on their menu!

At the urging of Shauna Dockter, and the Facebook reporting of friends like Chris Yust as well, and also the recommendation of Pete Petersen, we bought an Instant Pot. At first I bought a 6-quart but when it came in we quickly realized that it was much larger than we needed, so I ordered a 3-quart unit. We’ll return the 6-quart. For those who are not familiar with these units, they are pressure cookers (“Instant Pot® is the Smart Multi-Use, Programmable Pressure Cooker designed by Canadians with the objective of being Convenient, Dependable & Safe.”).

Instant Pot and meal
Our new Instant Pot and the first meal.

Elaine cooked the first meal in her Instant Pot tonight – a beef roast with potatoes, green beans, and carrots. It was a tasty supper tonight! She thinks it was cooked too long, but that is part of the learning process.

I was happy with the outcome and the cleanup was very easy. I look forward to other new things she will try with her new Instant Pot!

Most of my day was spent working on the January newsletter. It is going well so far; I have most of it done, with just a few pieces to fill it yet. This issue is going to be the largest one yet – 30 pages! The latest increase is due to three new full-page color ads and a full page that will be devoted to the Park’s Christmas decorations prize winners. As usual, I have had to do some rearranging for the new content but that is so easy using Microsoft Publisher. The newsletter goes to printing on Thursday.

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  1. Love my Instant Pot but you may find that you will want the larger one. I fix and freeze a lot. Also look on Facebook and Instagram for great ideas for the IP.

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