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Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash
Birthday Bash crowd at Bobby-Q tonight

We had our monthly Royal Palm Birthday Bash tonight at Bobby-Q, a famous and award-winning local steak and barbecue restaurant. Our group numbered around 35, with about six actually having a birthday in December. This is the sixth month we have done this birthday thing, and it has proven to be very popular – judging from the numbers who attend. Bobby-Q is always a good choice, and it is close to Royal Palm so it is easy to get to (getting back is a little tricky due to the local street pattern). Elaine and I shared a Three Meat Platter, with baby back ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. Yum!


My visit with Dr Gary Kauffman, our cardiologist, this afternoon gave us a good report on one hand and a mystery on the other. Good report: the angiogram done last Thursday showed no blockages and very little buildup on the vessel walls. That left Dr Kauffman with the mystery of why I have had abnormal results on two EKGs and during a heart imaging stress test, and why I have experienced some chest pain under exertion or great stress. When he ordered the angiogram he fully expected to find blockages. At this point he wants me to go back to Dr Johnson, our GP, and to return to check in with him in six months. Strange.


I did more work on the newsletter during much of the day today. Part of it was working in Publisher on content and ads, and part was doing the interview with the subject of January’s Royal Palm Spotlight feature. Gail Brazell brought over a couple of ads for the newsletter, so the layout is essentially complete now. I just have to write up the interview and finish the Senior Resources feature.

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