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Jan Ostlund visit

Jan and Elaine
Jan and Elaine at Las Glorias

Jan called this afternoon to let Elaine know she wanted to come in for a visit. We haven’t seen her for quite a while, so looked forward to her visit. We were out shopping when she called but got back home for her arrival around 3:30. The two of them visited while I finished up printing the newsletter draft copies for the reviewers. Then around 5 we headed to Las Glorias Grill for supper; this is one of our favorite places but Jan had not been there yet. She liked it, too.


Elaine is feeling much better these days and she went to the craft session at the Clubhouse this morning. I guess only two others showed up today. But it was still fun, I am sure. What’s best is that Elaine felt good enough to go; she’s almost back to normal again in recovering from the virus that hit her more than a month ago.


Yes, he went to Jared’s! We were in the Paradise Valley Mall area this afternoon to pick up my suit for the upcoming wedding and I figured while we were in the neighborhood why not stop at Jared’s as well. After all, I needed to do some Christmas shopping. I had tried to purchase a Pandora charm for Elaine from the Pandora web site only to be told a couple of days later they could not fill the order. So that meant going to a store to be in time for Christmas.

Elaine has always told me I could feel free to shop for Pandora without her, but it is more fun with her. Selecting the charm is always decision time – there are so many from which to choose. We have recently started with their gold series so there are still more for her; that’s not true with the sterling series, of which she has many. Yes, we found one for her Christmas present and found one for her birthday present and found one for her anniversary present. She just won’t know which is for which until she opens them at the appropriate time!


It’s getting closer to being done. There are still some small details yet to be completed but it is far enough along so that I printed out copies and delivered them to the reviewers this afternoon. I can finish up the rest while they are doing their job. It has to go to the printer on Thursday.

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