Women’s Club Christmas Party. Newsletter too long.

Christmas Party
Women’s Club Christmas Party

The Royal Palm Women’s Club had their Christmas Party today at the Clubhouse, and Elaine was part of it. This group has fun together a couple of times a month during fall, winter, and spring and the Christmas Party is a celebration for them. As you can see in the photo, it is a fairly large group. They brought refreshments, though Elaine said there were so many she could have not brought anything and there still would have been plenty.

I worked most of the day on the newsletter. I may have mentioned a day or so ago that this one had grown to 30 pages with the addition of three full page color ads; that would be the longest ever, probably. But I got to worrying about the cost and whether the ad revenue would cover it, so did some calculations. I was right to worry – it was too large.

Had it not been winter the ads would have covered it. But we have 82 in the RV section now and that increases the print run to 410, and the ads were not enough. Our summer runs are only around 330 and the ads would have covered that.

So I made a copy of the 30-page version and started cutting back. By removing some features I was able to get it cut back to 26 pages, which the ads would cover. I removed the Senior Resources page and the Tech Tips page, and consolidated other copy to get there. Then I did some changes to a couple of other pages that were still in the layout I inherited from Diana Carter a year and a half ago. I had been wanting to update those layouts for some time but never got around to it. One page had a lot of small items reminding residents about things they ought to consider or do or not do; I eliminated that page entirely but will add the little chunks as filler items on other pages. The other page listed all the activities by day of the week and gave the contact person info for each activity; I consolidated that info into a table format that only takes a half page.

Once those changes were made I ended up with a full page blank, so I added the Senior Resources feature back in.

One reason there was more copy in this issue is that I have a full page of photos from our Christmas Dinners. I also have a full page of photos of the house decorating prize winners. We won’t always have those features in every issue.

Elaine and I went out tonight so I could take photos of the house decorations prize winners, after being notified of them by the office. I will have to go out in the morning to take a photo of the Home of the Month winner; it is on the west side of its street and I need to have the morning sun shining on it to do it justice.

We watched the finale of Survivor tonight; it did not come out as we hoped, but I do think that Ben, the winner, was an excellent player. We just did not like his play!

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  1. Sounds like you made some good decisions. I had the newsletter for 4 1/2 years and when I inherited it my objective was to reduce it from about 30 pages (at that time was all cut and paste) and computerize the whole issue. It was also a challenge to stay within the advertising budget. I enjoy reading your new, improved and updated version despite the fact I don’t live there anymore.

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