Brrrr: first day of winter. Choco treats. Off to printer.

Brrrr: first day of winter

7day 171221
Our 7-day forecast here in Phoenix shows some quite cold morning temps the next day or so.

For once, the first day of winter here in Phoenix is the first winter day. It started with an overnight low of 41° – which is not unusual recently – but by noon it had only gotten up to 53° and did not get above 54°. With a 15 mph wind, it felt downright chilly outside, and the wind chimes on the patio were clinking! Bright sunshine, though. When I took the boys out for their morning walk around 7:30 the wind had not started up yet, so it was not too bad. As part of wintery conditions, Flagstaff AZ had its first snow of the season. All this is the result of a cold front moving into the area.

Choco treats

choco squares
Elaine’s treat to take to Bingo tonight – choco treats

Elaine was in the kitchen this morning, making some more Christmas goodies. Her creation today was chocolate “gingerbread” men, made from a Rice Krispies treat recipe except she used Cocoa Dyno-Bites instead of Rice Krispies. When cooled she tried to use a cookie cutter to cut out the shapes. Inventive! There was a problem, though; the layer of cooled mix was too thick for the cookie cutter to go all the way through, so the men did not come out clean. After making two of them, she decided to just cut the remainder into squares. They were very yum either way.

Off to printer

201801 cover
Cover of the January Royal Palm newsletter issue. Click on the image to download the newsletter.

I wrapped up the newsletter this morning and took it to UPS for printing around 8:30. I feel sorry for Ed at UPS; their main printer that handles jobs like our newsletter has broken down again and cannot do the folding and stapling functions. Instead, he had to use an older machine which, while it will do the work necessary, is a little slower and costs him a little more to operate. Fortunately I was not in any hurry. I try to get it to UPS by 10 or 11 am on Thursday but don’t absolutely need it until around 9:00 on Friday. Our volunteer folding crew meets at 9:30 on Friday.

I went back this afternoon just after 3:00, thinking the job would be done, but there were still a couple hundred left to print. That was due to a combination of having to print 410 copies and the slowness of the older machine. Back again a couple of hours later and I was able to pick up the rest.


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