Newsletter delivered. Elaine picks up dress. Mostly quiet afternoon.

Newsletter delivered

It’s done and delivered (well almost; we still have to deliver to the doublewide section, streets L through M plus R and O). I’m talking about the Royal Palm newsletter, The Palm Press. Our volunteer team, consisting of Agnes Volk, Peggy Glidden, John Koch, Melody Murphy, Mary McDougale, and Elaine, spent about an hour this morning preparing them for delivery. The three inserts were stuffed and the package folded lengthwise and a rubber band wrapped around each. I bundled them into shopping bags counted out by area for delivery.

Melody does the delivery to all of C Street, on foot, if you can believe it. There are others that normally do delivery to A and E Street, B Street, the doublewide section, and the RV section but all those are off for Christmas elsewhere so Elaine and Mary McDougale did part of those streets this morning and Elaine and I did some others this afternoon. Elaine and Mary will do the doublewide section tomorrow since Mary usually does that area with Dale Stroh and knows where to not deliver. Our total delivery count this time was around 385.

Elaine picks up dress

We headed to David’s Bridal in the Paradise Valley Mall area around noon so Elaine could pick up her dress for the upcoming wedding. She had taken it there a couple of weeks ago to be altered; she bought it at a David’s Bridal store in Salt Lake City during the fall.

Mostly quiet afternoon

The rest of the day was mostly quiet. I rested from all the newsletter work this week. Elaine napped for a bit before making supper.

Earlier Elaine had come in from delivering newsletters complaining that her hands felt frozen. It only got up to around 54° today. Instead of sitting in her recliner and letting her hands warm up around a cup of hot tea, she tackled the freezer section of our refrigerator! I think she totally emptied it and distributed stuff on the counters to sort it out. She partially filled a trash bag with stuff that was old or no longer wanted, and put the rest back. She tried to organize stuff as she put it back, with meats in one section and vegetables in another, but she said that did not totally work out. I will agree that there was no organization to what was in the freezer before that; it may have been organized at one time but has gotten shuffled around since. Good job, sweetheart!

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