Christmas Eve.

If you have ever had one of Elaine’s Breakfast Burritos you know how lucky I was this morning. That’s a regular Sunday feature in our house. I have half for breakfast and the other half for lunch. Yum!

The discomfort I had the last two days did not return this morning. I hope it is over.

I did some office work today, catching up on some items that landed on my desk and needed attention. One was to cancel our voter registration in Livingston TX. Back in 2007 we joined the Escapees RV Club and signed up for their excellent mailing forwarding service. That gave us an address in TX that we later used as our domicile when we sold our house and went fulltime RVing. We registered our vehicles in Livingston and voted there as well. Now, being AZ residents and not RVing and having no need for the Texas base, it is time to close that out.

Another step I recently took was to notify the Escapees mailing service we would no longer need that address. They responded that because of the private mail box arrangement they could not put in a change of address with the USPS and that I would need to contact those who mail to us to let them know about the address change. That, of course, has been done. Actually I have been doing that over the last year or so and have all those changed. But I was told we need to keep the Livingston address for six more months, but can choose to only have first class mail forwarded. I will respond to that right away.

Pete Petersen came by for an hour or so this afternoon, and it is always fun to see our boys with Pete. Gizmo stays with Pete on the couch and gets lots of petting and attention. Kerby sits at Pete’s feet on the floor.

George Immerso dressed for the season
Elaine and Molly
George’s Mom, Elaine, and one of his dogs, Molly.

We attended a Christmas Eve gathering at George Immerso’s tonight. He had a group of people from Royal Palm over as well as some relatives new to town. As usual with George’s bashes there was plenty of food of all kinds. A pan of baked ziti, another pan of baked eggplant, small sausages of various kinds, and lots of cookies and other sweets, and many different wines and some liquors. It is always fun to get with friends and we enjoyed our time there.

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