Merry Christmas

We had a Merry Christmas, thank you! It was a quiet day. A few friends came by to drop off a Christmas gift of handmade goodies and to leave with similar in hand. Elaine baked four loaves of banana nut bread today as well as a batch of chocolate fudge, and that was what people left with as well as some peanut brittle she had made a few days ago. Believe me, they were all good. I know, because I liberally sampled them all!

I finished my review of Greg Enslen’s new book in draft and sent my written comments off to him by email – 34 pages worth. He wrote back, surprised that it was so fast, but I told him it was easy because I found the book hard to put down even though I was writing a lot of comments as I was reading. No idea when it will come out.

I have started reading Nick Russell’s latest – Big Lake Snowdaze. This is a finished, published, work. We have been faithful readers of Nick’s books since he started, and look forward to the next one coming all the time. I was also a faithful reader of his Gypsy Journal magazine that was published several times a year for many years and was focused on RVing topics. Nick and his wife, Terry, were fulltime RVers for many years until last year. He also writes a daily blog which I have followed for several years.

lock and key
Elaine’s new lock-and-key Pandora charm

We opened our Christmas gifts today, of course. I gave Elaine a replacement Samsung S2 Tablet; hers was getting harder and harder to charge and keep charged, and she uses it a lot. I also gave her a new charm for her Pandora gold bracelet; a padlock and dangling key.

tool gifts
Elaine’s gifts to me

She gave me a new handy electric saw that will cut a variety of materials. I am looking forward to try it because it has a laser light that shines out ahead on your work to show the cutting path. She also gave me a HUD device that works with smartphone apps. HUD stands for Head Up Display, and it sits on your car dashboard and the display from the phone app is reflected on the screen. It says there are navigation apps for use with it. There was also a tool that helps when setting up cuts on wood, tile, etc (the yellow thing in the photo). Finally, there is a rechargeable battery set made by Eneloop. A neat feature of the latter is that it has adapters that allow you to insert a AA battery in a shell the size of a C or a D battery, providing rechargability in those sizes. No, she is not the tool guru; she engaged Pete Petersen to help select those items. She says I am hard to buy for.

hummingbird whiligig
The hummingbird whirligig Shauna gave us

We also got some gifts from Shauna: a hummingbird whirligig to hang on our patio and some spicy salsas. She also sent an embroidered Christmas tree skirt.

Mary McDougale stopped by this afternoon to go over some preparations for staying with our boys while we are gone. She’ll stay at our house to take care of Kerby and Gizmo.

Our Christmas dinner consisted of a roasted small chicken, steamed green beans, and sweet potato. I used our new Ronco rotisserie to cook the chicken. We have used Ronco rotisseries for many years; in fact we are now on our fourth one! We like how these cook, resulting in moist and tasty meats. I would show you a photo of the rotisserie but the parts are all drying now after being washed.

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