Back and forth. Carbonite vs CrashPlan. External hard drive.

I did some desk clearing today, making sure I did not have bills to pay and clearing up work papers from the last newsletter. I made several trips as a result of stuff I found. I went to Jo Elmore’s three times with checks and receipts associated with the newsletter. I dropped some stuff off at George Immerso’s. I went to Gail Brazell’s twice with some flyers and tickets for events coming up in January. I dropped off some forms with Mary Jane Caraher that the office had given me by mistake. Now my desk, while not totally clean (like Elaine’s is) it is at least more organized and there is much less on it.

I have been using CrashPlan from for several years but recently got notice that they were eliminating their CrashPlan Home plan under which I was subscribed. They offered, however, an easy conversion to Carbonite and I elected to do that. I have heard good things about Carbonite from others, notably Rod Violette, so did not hesitate to make the move. I started the transfer back on December 15th and received an email this morning (Dec 26th) letting me know the initial backup was complete. I had not expected it to take 11 days, but there was a lot to back up: they reported¬†284,273 files (223.63 GB) had been done. That’s a lot of files! From now on, though, only incremental backups will be done meaning that only changed files will be backed up and it will be done automatically as files are added, deleted, or changed.

I am only backing up files from my laptop for now, not my tablet. However, all the files I use on my tablet are stored in my Dropbox so they are already backed up offline and are available from any computer. As I have cut back on my web development work I don’t need to use my laptop as much and there are fewer active files to backup. What web work I do is in WordPress and those are edited right on the server, not my local machine. And since I upgraded from a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 to a Surface Pro 4, I am using the tablet for far more of my work. The slightly larger size, especially in the keyboard, makes it much better to use.

As I was checking the backups this morning I suddenly discovered that on my laptop I could no longer see my external hard drive. I did several tests and it still was not enabled. I disconnected the external hard drive from my laptop and connected it to my tablet and it worked fine. I suspect that a recent Windows update has messed something up on the laptop but I won’t be able to work on that until we get back from our trip.

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