At Grand Lucayan, Bahamas.

view from room
The view from our room, looking toward the pool and the ocean.

We are at the Grand Lucayan resort in the Bahamas now, and more or less settled in. We will be here for a week, primarily to attend the wedding of granddaughter Taylor Dockter to Kenley Brester. The Grand Lucayan is an all-inclusive resort near Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. From first impressions, this will be a great place to stay. There are several restaurants, a couple of bars, a large fresh water pool, a spa, and other things we have not seen yet. Every staff member with whom we have come in contact so far has been very gracious, friendly, and helpful.

Taylor and Kenley off plane
Taylor and Kenley debarking at Freeport

Taylor and Kenley came in from Missoula MT by way of Salt Lake City and Atlanta. Kenley’s parents, Alvin and Angel Brester, traveled with them. Taylor’s parents, Casey and Shauna Dockter, also flew in from Salt Lake City but came by way of Miami to Freeport. We met up with the Bresters and Taylor in the airport in Atlanta this morning and the six of us were on the same plane to Freeport.

driver at airport
We were greeted by the driver at the airport

Taylor had arranged for a shuttle to pick us up at the airport, and we had a good ride to the Grand Lucayan. It was strange to ride on roads where people drive on the left side instead of the right. I noticed that though some vehicles have right side steering most do not and are the same as what we have in the US.

gang a Pool Bar
We gather for afternoon drinks at the Pool Bar. Alvin Brester, Dave, Elaine, Shauna Dockter, Casey Dockter, Taylor Dockter, Kenley Brester, Angel Brester

We got checked in to our rooms and did some unpacking, enough to get out our bathing suits and a couple of other items. Shauna and Casey had arrived ahead of us and asked everyone to join them at the Pool Bar. The group of us got a chance to unwind and visit for a couple of hours before heading off to get ready for supper. We had drinks and enjoyed some conch fritters.

Elaine and I stopped off at the spa on our way back to the room and enjoyed a half hour of hot (not as hot as at Royal Palm) soaking.

Dinner doesn’t start until 6:00 so Elaine and I went back to the room and ended up napping for an hour or more. I woke up around 6:45 and Shauna and Casey came to our door shortly after to check on us since we had not showed up for dinner. We headed out and met up with Taylor and the Bresters, who were still at the dining area, and enjoyed a great meal there.

Back to the room, we hope to get a full night’s sleep tonight!

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