A Grand Bahamian day.

map of area
This map shows how close Grand Bahama Island is to the Florida coast.

We don’t usually realize how close the Bahamas are to the Florida coast, so I thought I would show you a map with the relationship. The Bahamas are a group of islands and Grand Bahama Island is toward the north of the group. The dot on the map shows our location in the Bahamas, and I think we are closer to Florida than to the major islands to the south in the Bahamas! From what we have seen so far it is a nice place to stay. The natural language is English, which makes it easier, though there are some island accents that can be hard to decipher. Those folks are probably from Jamaica.

our place on the beach
This shows where we are staying on the beach on Grand Bahama Island.
map of Freeport area
This map shows the part of Grand Bahama Island where we are staying. You can also see the Freeport airport in the upper left.

Here are a couple more maps showing more detail. One shows more of Grand Bahama, the other shows more detail around where we are staying. All those water channels provide safe moorage for boats but connect to the ocean.

pool and beach
The marvelous fine white sand beach with the pool to the right and the ocean to the left

I wandered around the grounds this morning to check things out and took the photos you see here.

The ocean here at the resort is quite calm, with few large waves. People rent paddle boards to go along the shore with no difficulty. In fact, Shauna, Taylor, and Bailey (her friend, who arrived today) did that this morning.

The weather is mild, with temps in the low 80s by day and mid-70s at night. We turned off the air conditioner in the room the first night and have left it off. Even during the day, when in the room we leave the sliding door open and enjoy the nice breeze inside or out.

We both slept late this morning; I got up around 8 and Elaine around 8:45. We both needed the sleep. We headed to breakfast at the Portobello’s buffet place where we ate last night and then later joined Casey and Shauna on the beach. Taylor joined us a little later.

Lunch at Portobello’s only offered soup and salad, and we tried the place next door, Aroma CafĂ©, which offers pizza and snacks. But with a 35-minute wait for pizza we continued on to Wings Bar & Grill where we ordered quesadillas. Those only took 20 minutes, but were good.

After lunch Elaine and Shauna went to the town across the street from the resort to do some shopping, while I relaxed at the room, both inside and on the patio.

pool and building
Looking across the curved pool you can see our building beyond

Later Elaine and I headed to the pool (it was too cool) and the hot tub to soak for a while. The Towel Hut was out of towels so we had to air dry on our way back to our room.

A nap this afternoon and then get ready for supper. Upon waking we found a lot of water on the floor between the entry door and the bathroom, coming from the dehumidifier. I called for housekeeping to fix it and they came, but we found later it was still leaking. Another call for housekeeping.

When Elaine went to the safe to get something out it would not open. A call to security brought a tech who was finally able to get it open.

Dinner tonight was at Portobello’s again, this time with the wedding party. Three of the party arrived today. It was an OK meal.



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