Rehearsal day. Doctor visit. Thump, thump, thump.

The wedding rehearsal this afternoon

This afternoon the wedding group gathered for a rehearsal of tomorrow’s events. It will be an attractive setting and no doubt the wedding will come off well. Taylor and Kenley will be married by a Bahamanian minister, as that is a requirement for being married in this country. The marriage will be recognized in the US, however. The couple went to a registrar yesterday to get the license and make the arrangements. All the planning had been done, of course, far in advance. The minister is a very affable man and I am sure will do a good job with the ceremony.

rehearsal dinner
At the rehearsal dinner this evening

This evening they had a rehearsal dinner at Portobello’s, with about twenty of us in attendance. Portobello’s is the buffet-style restaurant here at Grand Lucayan.

Elaine and I slept late this morning; I got up around 8:00 and she about an hour later. Neither of us has been sleeping well since we have been here. We’ve both had coughs, sniffles, congestion, and other symptoms. We had come in contact with a person diagnosed with bronchitis just before we left and I was concerned that we had come down with this. So after breakfast I suggested to Elaine that it might be well to search out medical advice. If there was something that could lessen the symptoms it would enhance our vacation.

I asked at the desk if such was available (since it is Saturday) and they found a medical clinic that would help us. We engaged a taxi and headed to the clinic, got checked in, and a little over an hour later were seeing the doctor. She checked us out and said our lungs and breathing apparatus was clear and the only thing she noted was that Elaine might not be drinking enough fluids. She thought we were probably affected by an allergy to something around us here. I told her we had  been taking loratidine since this started and she said to continue doing so. She also prescribed Nasonex nose spray, which we got at a local pharmacy. The symptoms continue tonight, and we spent most of the afternoon in our room.

Tonight we are suffering from something else – loud music coming from the pavilion near our room. We had not expected this and certainly did not want it! It started around 7:30 and who knows how long it will last tonight. And I shudder to think what it will be like tomorrow night – New Year’s Eve!

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