TayKen wedding.

The newlyweds, Mr and Mrs Brester

Taylor and Kenley are wed. It was a beautiful ceremony in a beautiful setting and we enjoyed it immensely. The wedding took place a little after 4:30 pm in a special park setting on the grounds of the Grand Lucayan Resort in Freeport, Bahamas. The gazebo where the ceremony took place had been tastefully decorated by family members under, I am sure, Taylor’s directions. She knew what she wanted the occasion to be like and had an excellent plan. The minister provided a wonderful ceremony that added meaning to the event, and Taylor and Kenley added their own comments and vows to the ceremony.

Casey and Taylor
Casey bringing daughter Taylor down the aisle

Bailey Smith, Taylor’s best friend from Green River WY was maid of honor, and Ryan (?), married to one of Kenley’s sisters, was best man. Kenley’s parents, Alvin and Angel Brester proudly participated as did Taylor’s parents, Casey and Shauna Dockter. There were about twenty attending the wedding.

at dinner
A the wedding dinner

Following the ceremony there were photos taken of the wedding party in a different part of the grounds, and those not taking part in that adjourned to the dinner area for drinks. It being that time of day when the sun was setting, the light slowly faded and the decorative lights on the tables did their shining. The dining tables were very tastefully decorated to add to the occasion.

Grandparents of the bride

The wedding party joined us after the photos and later on we all sat down to an excellent dinner prepared by the resort. Music was provided by a DJ, who did a great job with tastefully-selected music. After the dinner, the music changed to more of a 70s dance beat (at least that is what I was told; I am more of a 40s or 50s guy myself).

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a Special and Beautiful occassion .. the marriage of Taylor and Kenley’s wedding !! Many blessings to All !! ^_^

  2. It must of been a beautiful setting for a beautiful wedding. And you and Elaine looked fantastic. Happy New Year Cuz!!!

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