Weather or not. Last full day at Lighthouse Pointe.

Elaine, Kenley, deck chairs
Elaine and Kenley enjoying the sun on the pool deck

Our day started with overcast and winds, though it did warm up from yesterday’s cooler weather – 72° instead of 68 or so. There was a light rain this morning so we kept under cover on our way to breakfast. But by mid morning the clouds had blown away and it turned sunny, so off to the pool area we headed where we joined Taylor and Kenley and later Morgan and Ryan. We got a good three hours of sunshine in before another storm rolled in and the wind blew harder and the rain came down. That was a good break, though, and we got to enjoy the last of our full days here at Lighthouse Pointe.

pool area
A view of the pool area
deck, pool, surf
The deck and pool with sand and surf beyond
storm rolling in
A sudden storm blew in and sent all us sunny folks inside.
The lighthouse at Lighthouse Pointe
beach fare
Beach fare, delivered to your chair. Quesadilla on the left and conch fritters on right
Whenever foodas around, the birds were sure to be as well

Earlier Casey and Shauna stopped by our room to say goodbye. They are headed back to Wyoming today. We’ve had a good visit with them here, though it was a busy one for them due to all the wedding preparations and the wedding itself.

The pool and deck area got crowded as people arrived from a cruise ship. They get to get off the ship and come to Lighthouse Pointe to spend a few hours, and fortunately they got some good sunny time while here. It wasn’t sunny when they came in, but cleared soon after.

There are several staff who circulate around the pool, deck, and beach areas to take orders for drinks and food. All is at no extra charge on the all-inclusive plan, so it is easy to overdo it especially on drinks! They offer several local beers on tap, a number of mixed drinks, and straight liquor or wine as well. I’ve been sticking to Meyers’s Rum on the rocks, and Elaine has been trying Piña Coladas and found she likes them. There are also blue things, green things, and pink things, though I know not what they are.

As to the food offered, the menu is limited to burgers, quesadillas, conch fritters, and a couple of other items. Elaine usually orders conch fritters and I either have those or quesadillas. The arrival of food also brings the arrival of the birds, looking for handouts. You will always be surrounded by up to two dozen of them hopping around on the deck hoping for droppings. Sometimes you will also have seagulls around, and they will even land on the deck chair near your head. I haven’t seen one attack the food in hand, though they will swoop for fries if tossed in the air.

We were surprised to see waves on the ocean today. With no storm the ocean is usually calm here and there is little surf on the beach. But the wind changes that. While not huge, the waves can be up to 2-3 feet in height. With the wind and waves today the red flag was out, meaning no one was allowed in the water. The wind direction was from the east, and it raked across the shore, so the waves had a rip effect.

We started doing some packing today, getting most of it out of the way. We won’t be rushed tomorrow but this will help keep it more leisurely.


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