Boys are happy. First day home.

We arrived home around 12:15 am this morning, via Uber ride from the Phoenix airport. We got out of the car and Elaine headed for the house while the driver and I got the luggage out from the rear. She says she walked in the door and it took a few seconds to get a reaction from the boys, but then Gizmo and Kerby were all over her. They followed her into the kitchen, excited as can be, with Gizmo dancing and Kerby being as excited as his old body would allow. In a minute or two Gizmo headed for the door to see if I was there, too.

As I came up the steps with the first of the luggage, he danced around me on the deck, excited that we were both home again. I put that luggage down and petted him and rubbed him and then Kerby came over and he got his due as well. I went back out to get the rest of the luggage and soon it was just us and the boys in the house.

Gizmo got a lot of attention and he was so excited that he was whimpering with joy. Kerby gave up trying to keep up with Gizmo and stayed in the living room while we got enough stuff out of the suitcases to go to bed and be ready for the morning.

Elaine headed to bed while I finished brushing my teeth, and coaxed Kerby up onto the bed with her and Gizmo. While he used to do that regularly, Kerby has not gone to bed with us for many years. He stayed and got lots of attention until I was finished, and then he was ready to get back down. Gizmo stayed for the night of course.

This morning we headed over to Mens Wearhouse to return my suit and stopped at Fry’s to do some shopping. We were home in time to catch up on The Young & The Restless and then Bold and Beautiful after lunch. By that time I was ready for a nap and took one for an hour or so. Elaine said she was not able to nap.

Gail Brazell stopped by with some Royal Palm updates and some requests for me. Then Mary McDougale came over to catch up with things as did Pete Petersen. We had good visits with all.

Elaine got caught up on laundry and we processed accumulated and new mail. Other than that, Elaine made a great supper of chicken fajitas; she said she had dreamed about them last night!

Oh, and Elaine did get a nap in this evening while I was working on this story.

Tomorrow? Getting back into the swing of things.

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