Twelve Days of Christmas – decorations down. Breakfast in the Park.

Twelve Days of Christmas

Today is the Day of Epiphany, and the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas. I have traditionally left Christmas decorations in place for those twelve days, so today they started coming down. Pete Petersen helped me take down the icicle lights today and I have them all bundled and ready to store. Tonight I turned off the controllers that turn on and off our outside lights, and tomorrow we will continue taking down decorations. Our house always looks so plain once our violet lights and the decorations are gone. But they will be back next year!

We have a fairly organized system for storing our Christmas and other seasonal items. Those that don’t have their own storage box get stored in Sterilite plastic containers that we buy from Walmart, which keeps them clean and dust-free. We have to purchase a few added containers this year.

Breakfast in the Park

This morning we had Breakfast in the Park, at the Clubhouse. It is always a great bargain and we enjoy having breakfast with old friends and meeting new ones.

Cough, cough, hack, hack, drip, drip

That crap that hit us last week and that had mostly disappeared by the time we got back home has now returned, with a vengeance. We both have it bad, with lots of coughing, though not as much runny nose as last week. We are getting tired of this, and thought we had it licked. Grrrr…..

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  1. I swear by the blue flu & cold tablets at Walmart. I’ve been taking them for colds and they keep me comfortable. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Sonnye

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