Dirty white boy no longer. More decorations down. Panic.

Kerby before
Kerby before his bath and grooming
Kerby after
Kerby after his bath and grooming

A week overdue, Kerby and Gizmo went to Danielle’s home shop today for grooming. We were shocked when we returned home from our trip to see how dirty Kerby had become. He always gets dirty legs, but this time they were even dirtier, as was his belly. With so much white hair it really shows on him, where it doesn’t on Gizmo with his black/grey hair.

They usually go on a three-week rotation – bath only on one visit, bath and grooming three weeks later. But we were in the Bahamas on their regular schedule last weekend so they went a week longer this time. But that doesn’t explain why Kerby was so extra dirty! And he’s not talking.

Pete Petersen came over late this morning to see if we were ready to take down more Christmas decorations. I was not (see below) but Elaine was so they went at it and got down the rest of the Christmas decorations from the house and the golf cart, except for the Christmas tree on the deck. We’ll do that one tomorrow. I still need to put things away; I am the organizer of such things.

Want to know something that can put panic in your life? Try constant hacking cough accompanied by diarrhea! That’s how I started my morning. The latter was done by late morning, but the former continues. I sat in my recliner but did not recline it, since the power recliner is slow to go up or down.

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