Favorite Velcro strips. X-Rays. Lemon-frosted brownies. Rain coming.

Favorite Velcro strips

velcro strips
Finally found them – my favorite Velcro fasteners

Several years ago I found some Velcro strips that came on a roll, and I loved ’em! These are ½-inch wide by 8 inches long and come connected end-to-end on a roll. You simply unroll as many as you need and separate them one at a time to use them. They are perfect for cables and wires because they can be attached to the cable using the loop at the wide end and then wrapped around the coiled cable when needed. What’s really great about them is that they are thin and not fuzzy.

Velcro ties in use
This shows the Velcro ties in use. The one on the white cable shows how they can be attached to the cable, the other shows how the tail can be wrapped around a coiled cable.

However, my supply of strips had run out and I looked and looked and could not find them anywhere. I checked The Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Walmart, and Amazon; no luck. I did a generic search and did not find them. Pete Petersen finally found them on Amazon and sent me a link, and I had them ordered within an hour. The key for the search is, apparently, getting the proper terms in the search. Here’s what finally worked: “VELCRO Brand One Wrap Thin Ties, Black, 8 x 1/2-Inch, 100 Count (91140)” and here’s a link for the item. I ordered two packages, so now have a 200-count supply. And maybe I will remember next time where I got them.


I had to go out this morning to get some imaging testing done. When with Dr Johnson yesterday I told him about the problems I have been having walking due to joint pain. So he ordered x-rays of my hips and knees to see what is going on. I have had problems with my knees for years, and have had shots and gel injections many times and got temporary relief that way. For many years I wore an unloading brace on my left knee but finally even that did no good. So in 2015 I had a total left knee replacement and that has worked well since. But a month or so ago I was standing on a plastic stool, about 15 inches high, when the stool legs broke off and the stool collapsed. I went straight down on my left leg and since then have had pain and discomfort in that knee. We’ll see what the x-rays show.

Lemon-frosted Brownies

lemon-frosted brownies
Elaine made lemon-frosted brownies today. Yum.

When I returned home I saw a dish of brownies on the kitchen counter. I resisted digging into them and when Elaine came home from crafts she thanked me for staying away. An hour or so later I learned why she did that, when she presented me with a small plate with a brownie on it, now covered in lemon-flavored frosting! That combines two of my most favorite flavors – chocolate, and lemon! That’s a real hit, Elaine!

Rain coming!

Our forecast tonight is for rain to hit the Valley of the Sun later this evening. That’s a big deal! On December 5, 2017, for the first time in 102 days, rain — 0.07 inches of it — fell in Phoenix. August 23, 2017, was the last previous time that the National Weather Service measured any sort of rainfall in the city.  You can imagine there was a lot of talk on that subject on tonight’s news. We moved our golf cart under the patio awning so it will stay dry. It’s too early at this writing (6:00 pm) for the rain to hit, so I’ll let you know tomorrow how much we actually got.

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