Rain. Snow. Shopping.


detention basin
There was water still in the Royal Palm detention basin this afternoon from last night’s storm

I mentioned in last night’s story that we expected rain. And the rain came. We got ¾ inch here in Royal Palm. There were puddles everywhere this morning, including on the floorboards of our golf cart. We had moved it in under our patio awning last night but the wind blew so hard from the west that the golf cart still got soaked. The reported amounts varied from ¼ inch in downtown Phoenix and further south to over an inch north of us. The storm lasted for a couple of hours or more and was accompanied  by thunder and lightning for some of the time. We left our front door open for much of the storm so we could enjoy the sound of the rain hitting the patio awning. It’s a rare enough experience!


Yes, snow! Not here in Phoenix, but further northwest in Wickenburg and in many places further north. Wickenburg is about 60 miles from us and is about 900 feet higher in elevation. Flagstaff got its first snowfall of the season – about 5 inches. Arizona Snowbowl ski area got about 14 inches of fresh snow as did other higher elevation areas. Snowbowl has been operating since November using manufactured snow, so people are excited to have the real thing.


We both felt a little better this afternoon so decided to get out to do some needed shopping. We are both still hacking and coughing, though.

Our first stop was Walmart to get a few groceries but mainly to pick up some plastic tubs for storing Christmas stuff. Oh yes, yesterday we took down the Christmas tree on the deck, the last of the decorations. But we have added some stuff this year and needed something to store them in.

Next stop was Hi Health, where I buy some of our supplements that I cannot get elsewhere. We also got a joint cream Elaine was looking for and a couple of other items.

Final stop was at Walgreens, to pick up some prescriptions. I had two waiting. We expected one for Elaine but it was not ready yet. I also dropped off a prescription for Gizmo, for some eye ointment. Yes, we get his meds at Walgreens as well.

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