Elaine new computer. Dave computer at Geek Squad.

Elaine new computer

new Lenovo
Elaine’s new Lenovo All-In-One has a 23.8-inch screen, The whole computer is contained in the screen housing.

It was way past time, so today we went to Best Buy and bought a new computer for Elaine. Hers has given good service for several years but has become slower and slower as time goes on. I have called on Dell tech support a couple of times to fix it, have taken it to Geek Squad, and have done some fixes several times myself. But the end result in each case was only temporary improvements. So what to buy? We have both used laptops for many years (since 1993 for me) but when we travel Elaine most recently has taken only her tablet. So maybe a laptop is not needed? A desktop? Too large, takes too much space on and under her desk. We finally decided on an all-in-one.

This style computer was not available years ago. It consists of a monitor in which is also housed all the drives, ports, and everything else that makes it run. The keyboard and mouse are separate and wireless.

I pondered for several weeks off and on about which one to get, but Pete Petersen recommended we try a Lenovo. He has had good experience with the brand. I have bought only Dell for many years, but took Pete’s advice seriously. As I did some comparisons online I became more and more comfortable with Lenovo. We often buy at Best Buy and they had a Lenovo – 520-24AST 23.8″ Touch-Screen All-In-One – AMD A12-Series – 8GB Memory – 1TB Hard Drive – Black along with others. I chose that one because of the AMD A12 processor and the 23.8″ screen was a plus. There was another model with a 21.8″ screen, but the processor was not as fast and capable. The A12 is comparable to an Intel I5.

Elaine is excited about the MUCH larger screen! She has had a large (for a laptop) 17″ screen for many years, but this one will give her more “desktop” on which to do her projects. She may even do multitasking with multiple windows open at once.

I am in the process of getting it set up with her applications and files. I was tickled to have Cortana come up right from the start with voice prompts to take me through the initial Windows setup phase. All that went smoothly. There were quite a few updates that had to be downloaded and while that was going on I connected via network with her old computer and started transferring Documents and Pictures folder contents. I’ll do the rest tomorrow.

Dave computer at Geek Squad

When we went to Best Buy I had made an appointment with Geek Squad and dropped off my laptop for some work.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that suddenly my computer would not connect with my external hard drive. I had tested the hard drive with my tablet and knew it was working properly, and had tested the USB port with another device and knew it was working properly. I had done some digging and found out it had been disabled because of a conflict with some other device, but could not figure out which and how to fix it. They said they got that fixed.

I have been having trouble with the numeric keypad, sometimes working, sometimes not. They found it working each time they booted the computer so could not determine what was wrong. When we did a test boot when I picked it up the numeric keypad was not working. I said I would take it anyway and bring it back another time.

After not much more than an hour from dropping it off I got a call from Geek Squad saying it was ready to pick up! I went up there only to find out the tech had called the wrong person. But another couple of hours later the same tech called back and said he had finished it and knew it was done then. So off I went again and brought it back.

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