Happy Birthday, Elaine. Pappadeaux. Gizmo escapes.

Pasta Mardi Gras
Elaine’s favorite – Pasta Mardi Gras

Happy Birthday, Elaine! For the most part we had a quiet day. She fixed breakfast burritos this morning (yum!) and we took it easy the rest of the morning. This afternoon she worked at her computer doing minutes from the last Park Association board and club meetings and I spent a couple of hours working on the upcoming newsletter. It was easy. She had birthday phone calls from her kids, which made her very happy. Tonight I took her to Pappadeaux for dinner – it was her choice.

Founder Milanese
I tried Flounder MIlanese, and liked it

Pete Petersen and Bill and Nancy Schuling joined us; Pappadeaux is also a favorite with those folks. Bill’s birthday comes up in a week or so, so he celebrated here as well.

Elaine had her favorite – Pasta Mardi Gras. I like it when she has it, too, because she gives me the Andouille Sausage chunks. I had something new for me – Flounder Milanese. Excellent choice, served over spaghetti squash and topped with crab chunks.

It was a great event to share with friends!

While there I noticed a voice-mail on my phone from Marv Fitchett with something about Gizmo escaping again! So when we returned to the Park we stopped there first and learned that he had shown up on their doorstep and that Marv and Mary had taken him back to the house and blocked the doggy door.

Gizmo escaped twice while we were gone recently, but only got as far as our next door neighbor’s. This time he went a block or so and ended up at Fitchett’s – a place he has visited often so knows well. They were all inside, but their dogs started barking so Marv went to the door to see why and found Gizmo sitting on their doorstep, wagging his tail.

We think he is getting out by going into the backyard pen and then pushing the gate bottom to get through. I’ll look at it tomorrow, and figure out how to fix it. Elaine and Pete put some blocks along the bottom of the gate after the last time, but obviously that did not keep him in. The gate is somewhat flexible, so maybe if I stiffen it he won’t be able to push out. We’ll see tomorrow.

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