Gizmo escape hole blocked. Decorations stored. Best chip clips. Gout attack.

Gizmo escape hole blocked

Gizmo escape gate
The GizmoGate, now secured with a bungee at the bottom

Last night I had wired shut the bottom of the gate in our back area, through which Gizmo found his escape hatch. The gate is somewhat flimsy, and he was able to push his way out at the bottom corner of the gate. I wired that closed. Today Elaine and Pete Petersen used a bungee cord to provide an alternate system. I will make a more permanent fix. We don’t use that gate often, so a double latching system would not be a hindrance. I guess you could call this the GizmoGate affair!

Decorations stored

underdeck rollout trays
Our two rollout underdeck storage trays

I worked for an hour or so this afternoon to store most of the Christmas decorations. This involved rolling out the east tray under the deck (the far tray in the photo), which is where we have been keeping Christmas and Halloween stuff in the past. The rest will go on the high shelf in the shop for now. We still have to sort through stuff to see if there is anything we can get rid of.

I also rolled out the west tray (the near tray in the photo) to get a look at what we have stored there. It has been many months since we looked at that tray’s contents, and I am sure there is some that we can get rid of.

Best chip clips

world's best chip clip
Two dozen of the world’s best chip clips, cut from store clothes hangers

We have seldom found in stores chip clips that will last. Most are flimsy and eventually break. But many years ago we found what is probably the world’s best chip clips, and they are free!

When we purchase clothes they often come on plastic hangers that have excellent clips at both ends. What I have been doing is to cut the clip from the hanger and we use them as chip clips! It is easy; I use a saber saw to cut the clip end off and then use a sharp knife to trim away any fuzzy stuff left and any sharp edges or corners. The resulting clip will last for years!

cutting clip from hanger
Cutting the end clips from a store clothes hanger

We had been collecting hangers for several months and I had stored them in the shop. Today I got out my saw and used my Black & Decker Work Mate table to hold the hangers tightly in place while I did the sawing. The result was 24 new clips added to our collection.

Gout attack

Last week I suddenly started getting severe pain (maybe 6 on a 10-scale at times) on the side of the big toe on my right foot. I wasn’t sure what it was, so I simply took Ibuprofen to reduce the pain and swelling. By weekend it had swollen so much I could hardly get my sandal on the foot and had to leave it part-way on, and the pain had grown to be considerable.

This morning I headed to FastMed to get treatment for what I was sure was gout. The PA confirmed my diagnosis and prescribed Colchicine to attack the gout, Prednisone to help reduce swelling, and Ibuprofen 600 mg for both pain and swelling. The Colchicine is a one-time dose; take two immediately and one an hour later. The Prednisone will continue for a week. The Ibuprofen I will take as needed. The PA said to consult our primary care physician if the gout persisted or returned.

I had a gout attack several years ago, that went away after some time. It was also in the right foot. We were in Rock Springs WY at the time and I was treated there. We’ll see how long this one lasts and if it continues or quits.

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  1. Gout is usually associated with lecherous old men.. If the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn’t, then you have gout!!! LOL

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