More storage emptied. Still hacking. Gout receding.

More storage emptied

west storage tray almost empty
Yesterday the nearest roll-out tray was stuffed full. Today it is almost empty.

I did some work in the west roll-out tray today; that’s the one that has been sitting for many months with no attention. In fact, we had forgotten just what we had stored in there! I discovered today that it had contained some tubs that came from our motorhome basement storage as well as a couple of boxes that we had stored after selling our home in late 2010. That tray is now about ¾ empty, and what is in there are seasonal items. We also have some added empty tubs, but there are about four I did not process because I will need Elaine’s help to determine what to do with their contents.

As to the other stuff that came out of the roll-out tray, we had several surprises from the stuff I brought into the house, and I am sure there will be many more surprises when we attack the other tubs. It will be sort of like opening Christmas gifts!

While I was at it, I finished storing the Christmas decorations. Some went in the east roll-out tray, some went in the shop on the upper shelf. Good to have all that out of the way!

Still hacking

Elaine and I are both still hacking and coughing, darn it. She is having a tougher time of it than I am, though, because she is also still heavily congested. She stayed home from crafts again today. I had a coughing session during the night that went on so long I got out of bed and went to my recliner, where I spent the rest of the night. Elaine said she had a session after that but added some pillows in the bed and raised her head and that helped her out.

We are not the only ones in Royal Palm that are ailing, though. For the second week in a row Bingo has been called off because so many of those who help out and do food service are still sick. And the Women’s Club meeting this week was also called off for the same reason. The women had planned their annual Penny and Soup Sale for last Saturday and called that off as well. This is unusual; I don’t remember this situation happening in the seven years we have been coming to or living in Royal Palm.

Gout receding

Thankfully, the gout in my right foot is going away. The swelling and redness has gone down as has the pain. I am able to rub that area of my right foot now, where a few days ago it was extremely painful to even touch.

I have no more idea what gave rise to the gout this time than I did the last time it happened several years ago. Yes, I can read about all the foods and beverages that can contribute to high uric acid levels, but I do not consume any of them in larger than warned quantities. I will probably consult our primary care physician later on about this, especially if it persists or returns.

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