Getting a charge. Board meeting. Violette Family Association.

Getting a charge

It was time to recharge the golf cart batteries, but first I knew I should top off the electrolyte in the cells. I got out the distilled water and my battery filler jug and got that job done. Glad to see the levels were not down far. Then I put the cart on charge for a few hours to bring them back up to full. We have to recharge the batteries every week or so.

Board meeting

The Royal Palm Park Association Board had their monthly meeting this morning at 11:00, and we attended. The meeting SHOULD have been at 10:00, but I goofed when I sent out the  reminder notices and set it for 11:00. Problem is, starting so late overlaps with a group playing poker in the same room at 12:30. Maybe I will remember the correct time when I send out the notices for Elaine (she’s the  Secretary) next time!

Violette Family Association

Every so often we get some activity at the Facebook group for the Violette Family Association, and I try to follow it and respond when appropriate. Often it is someone who is a Violette or is associated with the Violette family who is looking for information about their ancestors. And often I can help them with some info or at least let them know how to contact me ( to get more info.

I can let them know if we have info on their family and can create and send them family tree charts showing what we have on file. Rod Violette has done a tremendous job of genealogical research and recording. He started with the work done by Rita Violette Lippé back in the 1970s; she compiled a genealogy and published a book that had data for about 9,600 people. Rod has extended that to about 79,800 people in over 31,800 families! What’s more, instead of being captured in a non-changing book format, his work is in a genealogical database format. This makes it easier to extend, edit, and publish from. He keeps me updated with the latest version of his database so I can look up info for people and create charts.

I had been using a program called PAF Companion to create charts a little better than our genealogical software will do but when I tried to use it on my laptop recently it told me it was not registered. I know I had purchased a license some years ago but I could not find the license info. So today I purchased a modern version called Charting Companion from Progeny Genealogy, the ones who wrote the original PAF Companion.

Incidentally, I use Ancestral Quest genealogical software from Incline Software. I also have Personal Ancestral File (PAF) software from the LDS Church. I believe that Rod uses both. The genealogical database file is compatible with both.

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