Lisa Violette visits. Woody’s Macayo’s.

Elaine, Lisa, Dave
Elaine, Lisa, and Dave at the new Macayo’s on N Central

When I saw Lisa Violette‘s post on Facebook that she was headed to Phoenix for a conference, I immediately replied saying I hoped we would have a chance to get together. I was happy when she said we would be able to. Lisa is married to my brother Paul and is in town for a Magnolia and Vine Summit – a three day meeting. The roughly 50 directors of this company are getting together to learn about and discuss new product lines. Since tonight had no planned activities, it was easy for Lisa to get off to be with us. We picked her up at the downtown Kimpton Hotel Palomar and headed for Woody’s Macayo’s on N Central Ave. This is near where the famous Macayo’s that was built like a Mayan temple was located; that restaurant was sold and razed and they built a new place quite nearby.

I had eaten at the old Macayo’s many times, and have eaten at several other Macayo’s as well. They have 12 restaurants in Phoenix and 2 in Las Vegas. I doubt, though, that we will go back to this one. They changed the style immensely from the pseudo-Mexican village decor to a modern glass and steel interior. The new one is much smaller and not set out with different rooms as was the old. The menu has fewer items on it, which disappointed us because we wanted to order fajitas and they have none. I had the Chicken Poblano, Elaine had Woody’s Original Chimichanga, and Lisa had Fried Avacado. We shared a Macayo’s Famous Cheese Crisp as well. We all had margaritas. The food was excellent, as expected.¬†We got there just before 6:00 pm and when the loud music came on around 7:00 we had had enough and left.

From there we headed to Royal Palm, so Lisa could see where we live. She had not visited us in Phoenix before, so it was all new to her.

Lisa and Gizmo
Gizmo loved playing with Lisa and getting her attention

We wondered whether Kerby and Gizmo would remember her. We spent a lot of time with Lisa and her family when we were in NH a few years back. In fact, we parked our motorhome in their back yard for several weeks over a couple of occasions. Both boys were happy to see her, as they are with most of our guests, and were happy to have us back home. It took a short time but Gizmo quickly remembered Lisa and got so excited that he was squealing with delight at having her here. He spent the rest of her visit on the couch with her. Most of that time he was being very playful and Lisa commented that she didn’t remember him as being so playful when she saw him last. But that was three years ago and he has changed a lot since then; he was only two at that time. Kerby was his usual casual company; he spent most of the time lying on the floor at Lisa’s feet.

We had a great visit with Lisa, and it was good to catch up on news of our NH family. Though we have occasional phone calls to NH (I know, too few and too far apart) and we see postings from several on Facebook, there is nothing like face-to-face conversation. She and daughter Bailee are coming back to Phoenix around Memorial Day and if we are in town we’ll get a chance to see her again.

Earlier in the day I spent a couple of hours working on the newsletter; it is due out next week. Elaine spent some time in her craft area, working on a new card.

The weather was so nice we decided it was time to remove the dust buildup on the deck and patio. The recent storm blew a lot of dust and dirt onto those areas. Elaine washed down the deck and I swept the patio and shook the door mats. I probably should have hosed down the patio as well, but did not. We also rearranged some of our patio furniture; we needed to move the large round table to make more room for the golf cart when we have to move it under the awning. Elaine found a good arrangement with both it and our oblong table in the area in front of the shop.

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