Breakfast at IHOP. Association meeting. Open house at Shirripa’s. Shauna table runner. Gizmoed.

Breakfast at IHOP

omelets at IHOP
Our omelet breakfasts at IHOP this morning

Because we had a meeting coming up later this morning we headed to IHOP for Saturday morning breakfast, since it is close by. We both opted for omelets. I had the new Spicy Poblano Omelet (it was good and it was slightly spicy with serranos) and Elaine had the Denver Omelet. We had lots of leftovers to bring home along with a sausage link for the boys.

After breakfast we returned home and Elaine dropped me off and went on to Fry’s to pick up the cake for refreshments for the meeting this morning; she had ordered it a few days ago. It was a Black Forest Cake. In the meantime, I stayed home and did some last-minute preparations for the meeting.

Association meeting

The meeting went well. It was the first meeting of the year for the Association and the new Board was there. Actually, three of the four (President George Immerso, Vice President Dale Stroh, and Secretary Elaine Violette) served last year but Betty Stroh is the new Treasurer.

We took home some of the cake and had a bit for lunch. Not really hungry after the big breakfast.

This afternoon I met with the subject of February’s Royal Palm Spotlight and spent an hour and a half in a delightful interview. I look forward to writing it up.

Open house at Shirripa’s

gang at Schirripa's
Some of the folks gathered and Jan and Rick Schirripa’s open house today

Then we headed over to Jan and Rick Shirripa’s to attend their open house event. Several months ago they bought a different home here in Royal Palm and have been spending a lot of time and effort in remodeling it. We were very impressed with their results! The interior has a very elegant and attractive appearance. From what Jan described, it is a substantial change (and improvement) from what they bought. There was quite a gathering at the event – perhaps twenty people or more from here in Royal Palm. They served a good variety of refreshments from salad to dessert. We spent a couple of hours there visiting with friends.

Shauna table runner

table runner
A beautiful table runner Shauna made for her Mom for birthday gift

Elaine was surprised to receive a package from Shauna Dockter today. It was marked Happy Birthday and contained a beautiful table runner Shauna had made.

You’ve been Gizmoed

you've been Gizmoed
You’ve been Gizmoed!

I have mentioned before that Gizmo immediately grabs any tissue or paper napkin you leave within his reach and tears it to shreds. The photo at left proves the point; I caught him in the act this afternoon.

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