Gizmo: escape artist. Cooler day. Newsletter work.

Gizmo: escape artist

Gizmo escape attempt
Gizmo dug at the ends of the blocks on both sides trying to escape again.

Well, he did it again. Or at least tried to. On Friday night we went out to dinner with Lisa Violette and when we returned we noticed mud spots on the living room floor. As we investigated further Elaine discovered his jowls were mud-caked as were his front paws. She took him to the kitchen sink to clean up his mess and did a mop job on the floor. A little investigation showed that he had done some more digging at the rear gate, trying to get out. Why? We don’t know, but this behavior has just started recently and occurs when we are gone for a couple of hours or more. The photo at left shows how we tried to block him from digging under the gate, but this time he tried to dig at both ends of those blocks! He almost made it on the right end.

escape blocked
I have added some blocks to try to prevent future escapes

After his earlier escape we tied the bottom of the gate with a bungee cord to make it hard to push the bottom of the gate out to create a gap.  We also added some concrete blocks on the ground in front of the gate to make it harder to dig. But that did not stop him, as the photo above shows and the mud on his face and paws that night showed. To add to the difficulty I added more blocks at the ends of the previous blocks on Saturday, as you can see in the second photo. All these blocks are temporary, because I will replace them with a more consistent and complete blocking. In the meantime, we hope he will not find another way to escape.

Cooler day

We had a weather turnaround this week, going from above-average temperatures to below-average the last two days. Average temp at this time of year is around 67° and earlier last week we were in the mid-70s. But yesterday and today the temperature did not rise above 57°. Our usual morning temps are in the high 40s or low 50s, but this morning it was 41°. There was a slight breeze as well, which made it feel cooler yet when I took the boys out for a walk.

Newsletter work

Today I spent several hours working on the Royal Palm newsletter for February. I wrote up the Spotlight interview as well as several other sections and did some rearranging of various parts to fit the layout. I should have it done tomorrow and ready for the reviewers.

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