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Birthday Bash

group at The Horny Toad
This is the group from Royal Palm that attended the Birthday Bash at The Horny Toad tonight

Tonight a group from Royal Palm went to The Horny Toad in Cave Creek to celebrate January birthdays. About 35 or so people went; six of these actually had January birthdays, including Elaine. We took up two long table groups in the back room at the restaurant. This gave each person a chance to visit with at least six to eight others in the group, which made it enjoyable. Having such a large group meant some were served way ahead of others, but ti all worked out well in the long run.

carne asada
I had the Carne Asada – delicious! And plentiful.

There were a number of people who had never been to The Horny Toad; in fact there were some who had never been to Cave Creek! This community is about 20 miles north of where we live in Phoenix, so it was a longer drive than usual for these affairs. It was Elaine’s choice of a place to go for the celebration; each month one of the birthday celebrants gets to choose the place to go. I heard many plans to return from not only those who had been there before but also from some who were there for the first time. It’s that good a place to eat! I had the Beef Carne Asada and Elaine had the Chicken Fajitas and we had enough to take home to last for probably three more meals. In addition, I ordered a full Strawberry Shortcake to bring home; their strawberry shortcake is that good.

Medical stuff

I mentioned yesterday that my cough was lingering long after I thought it should have ended, so I made an appointment with our primary care physician and went there this morning. I was seen by his PA (Physician Assistant) about both the lingering cough and the gout, which is still active.

She ordered a chest x-ray and some blood work, and I had both done before returning home. Now to wait for the results.

My appointment was for 11:30, so I left the house at 11:00. I was at the imaging place by 12:30 and spent over an hour there.  I was in and out at the lab in about 15 minutes. All told, with driving time included, I was gone for 3½ hours and it was 2:30 by the time I got home for lunch. I was hungry!


I spent most of the morning wrapping up the Royal Palm newsletter and printing it out for the three reviewers who cross check info and look for writing issues. While I am very thankful for the work they do I will not name them, so they don’t get blamed for errors I allow to fall through to the printed version. That is totally my responsibility! I’ll get those reviews back tomorrow and will get it ready for printing on Thursday.


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