Newsletter delivered. Trader Joe’s shopping. Good supper. Web glitch.

Newsletter delivered

Feb newsletter cover
The cover of the February Royal Palm newsletter. Click on the image to download the newsletter.

The February issue of The Palm Press was delivered today. You can download it by clicking the link in the previous sentence or by clicking the cover image at right. A volunteer team of about ten gathered at the Clubhouse this morning to prepare the newsletter for distribution by inserting the three inserts. That took about an hour, and then Dale and Betty Stroh and Mary McDougale did the deliveries. Elaine and Mary usually do a part of them but our golf cart needed charging and Mary did not want to wait, so those three did the whole Park! Later I posted the newsletter on the usual bulletin boards, and dropped some off in the Game Room and at the office. I had the delivery crew report back to me for each section of the Park how many were short or over so I can adjust the count for the next printing.

Trader Joe’s shopping

It was time for a trip to Trader Joe’s, so we invited Pete Petersen and headed there this afternoon. Elaine got some frozen vegetable dishes she likes and we both got some salted nuts. I replenished my dark chocolate bar supply and my Longboard chip supply. I was going to replenish my liquor supply but they were out of the Trader Joe’s brand bourbon and scotch I usually get so I opted for Trader Joe’s Irish Whisky instead.

Good supper

steak and potatoes
Steak with onions and mushrooms, aspargus, and potato patties with cheese

Elaine made a delicious supper tonight. She fried up some mushrooms and onions and I cooked the steak on our gas grill. She also steamed some asparagus. But what was different was the potato patties she made – they had cheese inside and were then fried. Add some whole wheat toast and you have a delicious meal. In case you are wondering what that brown stuff is on the asparagus on my plate, it is chunky peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter! I really like peanut butter and there isn’t much I wouldn’t eat it on.

Web glitch

I had some frustration when I tried to upload the latest newsletter to the website today. The server kept reporting the file had a virus in it. I tried from both my laptop and my tablet, after having WebRoot check the file for safety. I first tried using the File Manager utility at the web server but then tried using a standalone FTP client. At first I couldn’t get the FTP client to work; problems with credentials. But finally I got the latter worked out and got the file uploaded. It wasn’t a virus problem; I checked by downloading the file from the web site and opening it, and my virus protection did not complain when doing so. At one point I got on a chat session with tech support but they had no idea why I was getting the error message.

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