Melrose Kitchen breakfast. Dennis Murphy visit. Hobby Lobby bargains. Taco Dinner.

Melrose Kitchen breakfast

Melrose Kitchen entrance
The colorful entrance to Melrose Kitchen reflects the overall atmosphere of the restaurant

Our Saturday morning breakfast out took us to Melrose Kitchen, on 7th Ave in the Melrose District. We’ve been there once before and I wanted to go back to try something else. Besides, we kind of like the atmosphere and the decor. They have a good and varied menu, with a mix of Mexican and American dishes. That’s kind of unusual, because the owners are of oriental descent. I tried their Biscuits and Sausage Gravy with Scrambled Eggs and Link Sausage, and Elaine had their French Toast and Sausages. Good meal, and lots of sausage to bring home to the boys.

Dennis Murphy visit

Dennis and the boys
Dennis Murphy with Gizmo in his lap and Kerby at his feet

I was surprised and delighted to see Dennis Murphy’s name show up on my phone on an incoming call today. We have not seen Dennis for a long time! We met him on our first winter here in Royal Palm; he was three or four spaces down from us on K Street. One day Kerby disappeared from our motorhome and Elaine and I went out frantically calling for him. Suddenly we heard a voice from down the street asking if we were looking for a little brown and white dog. Kerby had wandered down there and finding Dennis’s door open went in a climbed up on his couch. What a great introduction! We stayed in touch with Dennis and Tiffany and visited with them other winters when they were in Phoenix and also at their home in Idaho.

We had a good visit with him. The boys both remembered him and Gizmo could not leave him alone while he was here.

We hope to see more of him in the future. Dennis has bought a lot in an RV park in Florence and another in Show Low. The former is south and east of the
Valley so it will be good for the winter. The latter is in the White Mountains so it will be good in the summer.

Hobby Lobby bargains

Elaine's Hobby Lobby haul
Elaine’s Hobby Lobby haul. She got some great bargains.

Elaine called Gladys Swartz and they headed off to Hobby Lobby this morning. I don’t know if Gladys has been to a Hobby Lobby before, but it is quite an experience for the first time shopper.

Elaine was delighted to learn that Hobby Lobby will no longer be selling dies and stamps. This meant they were deeply discounting their remaining stock and she got some great bargains. From the prices she mentioned, I think everything she bought was priced at 25% of normal.

Taco Dinner

crowd at Taco Dinner
This was the early crowd at the Taco Dinner tonight

Tonight was Taco Dinner night at Royal Palm. A volunteer team made all the taco fillings and bought the shells and served the dinner. Other volunteers made desserts. The Clubhouse was nicely and appropriately decorated for the event. It was quite popular; I heard that 100 tickets were sold and many paid at the door. The price was three tacos for $4 with a ticket or three for $5 at the door. For an extra $1 we could get a cheese crisp, cooked on the spot. Given the number of tickets sold, this had to have brought in over $500 for the Park Association.

They also brought out the Wheel of Fortune and people paid $1 for a spin. They got a number of tickets that corresponded to the number on the wheel and they placed the tickets in containers for silent auctions on 24 donated prizes. I suspect the Wheel activity brought in over $100 for the Park Association.

Then we also had the usual Split The Pot event. You buy tickets and the winning ticket gets 50% of the pot. Tonight the pot was $69 split between the winner and the Park Association.

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