Escapee foiled. Kerby and Gizmo clean. Violette Family genealogy on web.

Escapee foiled

blocking Gizmo
I have installed four concrete pads next to the gate in our dog run to keep Gizmo from digging his way out

I mentioned earlier how I used some concrete blocks (and a bucket of water) to block Gizmo’s access to the gate in the dog run. He had escaped three times – twice by springing the bottom of the gate out to make an opening and once by digging under the gate. Now I have replaced the temporary blocks and bucket with four permanent concrete blocks (12x12x2 inches) to make it neater. I don’t think he will be able to move those! I still use a bungee cord (red in the photo) to keep him from springing the gate, but I will replace that with a slide bolt.

Kerby and Gizmo clean

It was maintenance day for the boys and we took them to Danielle’s this afternoon. They always look so nice when they come home clean, especially Kerby with his white legs that get so black!

Violette Family genealogy on web

I have been wanting to add genealogical search capabilities to the Violette Family Association web site ( and recently started the process. Rod Violette and I often get questions about family trees and there are often questions about this in the Violette Family Facebook group, so there is a demand.

I searched over the last few years on ways to do this. When I was still running the site under my SitePower system I had done some programming to allow people to search for descendants from any person in the database, but never did do the programming to search for ancestors. Then I switched to a WordPress base for the site and discovered The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG), a system developed by Darrin Lythgoe. Written in the PHP language, TNG fits in well with WordPress, also written in PHP. TNG can run right beside a regular WordPress site and use the same database system (MySQL).

What’s more, by installing the TNG WordPress Integration plugin, I can blend the TNG operation directly into the Violette Family website. I started working that integration yesterday and worked on it some more today. I spent a lot of time fumbling and doing trial-and-error stuff before I was able to get it to work but was successful today. Now I need to dig in and learn how to make some modifications to suit my needs. For example, the default TNG menu has many more options than I want to use, so I have to learn how to pare those down.

I haven’t added this feature to the site’s menu yet because it is still in development, but I will before long.

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