Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Facebook spam claim. Record tied.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy S8 Note
Elaine’s new Samsung Galaxy S8 Note handheld

Elaine has been frustrated with various issues with her Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge handheld for some time, but last week it got dropped on the pavement and run over. This added a major issue, since the screen was severely cracked; it continued to work but was hard to read. We have been ready to upgrade it and this just made it imperative to do so soon. I had gone to a Samsung S8+ and like it very much. When Lisa Violette was visiting she showed us her phone, which I believe is a Note 8, and Dennis Murphy showed us his Note 8 on his recent visit. When I discovered that the Note is within fractions of an inch the same size as my S8+, there was no question that the Note 8 is what we wanted. The larger screen size coupled with the stylus that fits in a built-in slot made it a no-brainer. This afternoon we went to BestBuy and made the upgrade with the Verizon representative there. They transferred some of her content at the store and I did the rest when we got home. I also did some setup as well.

Facebook spam claim

A little over a week ago I started getting messages in my Facebook profile that my blog posts were being rejected as spam. Each time I was given the opportunity to respond that they were not spam, but they were left in a possible holding mode. I made a direct post asking my readers if they had been seeing my posts and got a mixed set of replies. About as many said they had not as those who said they had.

We’ve all been hearing that Facebook is taking measures to protect us all from undesirable content in our newsfeeds, so I figured this action was related to this change. What perplexed me was how my posts could be considered as spam!

I think I may have figured it out yesterday, but first a little background. I have been writing this blog since June 2006 and from almost the start I have been using a service called DLVR.IT to automatically repost my posts to both my Facebook profile and my Twitter account. DLVR.IT picks up the RSS feed from my web site and posts the items to those accounts. I suspected that it was the use of this service that triggered the action from Facebook. When I first started the blog this was about the only way these repostings could be done.

Having moved my web site to a WordPress base I looked yesterday for a WordPress plugin that might provide the same functions. There are a few, but I selected SNAP/AutoPoster to try first. It took me an hour or so to get it installed and working, most of which time was spent in trying to understand the many complex factors that had to be set up both at my web site and in my Facebook account. The explanations were less than helpful and the installation instructions seemed to be based on an earlier version of Facebook’s instructions which added to the confusion. But I got it done and sent out two test messages earlier today, which got posted on Facebook without problems. This post will provide yet another test.

Record tied

Glorious day! Our high temperature reached 83°, which tied the record for the date. Normal temp is around 69°. Forecasters are saying we may have a record setting tomorrow. These temps are welcome since the Greater Phoenix Open golf tournament starts later this week, and there will be several hundred thousand people in town for that event. It is always better when the weather cooperates. It is not uncommon for there to be a frost delay on one or more days at the tournament.

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