Costco shopping. Violette Family web site.

Costco shopping

We ran out of prunes, so it was time to head to Costco. We get them there because they offer them in a large package size that lasts longer. Of course while there we also bought some other items, including a couple that were suggested at the little sample stands along our route. One of those was some turkey meatballs; I tried one and turned around and went back to buy a package. Pete Petersen went with us so he could buy some of his Costco-only items.

While at the Christown Mall Elaine also got a case for her new Samsung Note 8 handheld.

Violette Family web site

I spent most of the day working on the Violette Family web site ( I have been wanting to add genealogical search capability for members and, as reported a few days ago, found a tool that will allow me to do this.

The TNG tool has many more capabilities than what I want to include, so I had to learn how to make modifications to incorporate those limits. Not being familiar with the structure of the TNG programming and also not being very familiar with the PHP programming language, it was a challenge to say the least! But I was patient and dug around in the program files and finally learned enough to accomplish what I wanted. I made one little change at a time and tested each change before going on to the next. Sometimes my change broke the system and I had to back away from it and take another approach. I think I went through about thirty individual little steps before I was done.

I also had to redesign the basic web site to better accommodate family tree charts, etc. My previous design had a left sidebar, where the site menu was set, but this cut down on the page width available for content. So I went to a top menu layout.

I have those changes done and ready for testing. I will invite a few folks to do the testing and report back to me how well it works and what more changes might be needed.

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