How’s your forecast. Geek Squad and network.

How’s your forecast?

7 day forecast
Our 7-day forecast here in Phoenix

This is why we live in Phoenix: here it is February 1st and the temperature was 80°. What’s more, we expect even higher temps in the next week, as the graphic at right shows. With very little wind, it was very pleasant to be out today. We left our front door open most of the day and into the evening to enjoy the mild weather. And this weather was greatly enjoyed by the more than 80,000 people who attended the Waste Management Phoenix Open golf tournament on it’s opening day today.

Geek Squad and network

I have been sometimes successful in sharing files among our computers: my laptop, my tablet, and Elaine’s computer. But every time I have the network set up to work the way I want it to something changes and I no longer have those connections. While I don’t need the connectivity all the time, there are times when it is convenient to share files, especially between Elaine’s computer and the others.

While at Best Buy a few days ago I went over to Geek Squad and set up an appointment for one to come to the house and clear this up. Today was the day, and the agent was successful in getting us set up.

I have set up networks for many years, starting with Windows 3 back in the early 1980s. But for some reason I have not been successful lately. There are basically two ways to go: use Homegroup or use Network services. The agent told me that Homegroup is no longer the way to go, and in fact Microsoft is expected to drop that feature sometime soon. So that leaves one approach and that is what he used.


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