Family trees. 216000 people. Breakfast in the Park.

Family trees

DAV family tree
The start of my ancestral family tree. It goes back several generations more on both sides of my family.

I made a major step forward for the Violette Family Association web site over the last few days by incorporating the ability for people to search their family trees – at least those who are related to the Violette family descended from Fran├žois Violet/Violette. People can go to and do searches. They might want to see if they are in this Violette family or may want to know more about their ancestors. They can also check to see if we are missing family members or need to correct info about family members. I will be encouraging those in our Violette Family Facebook group to visit the site and do searches.

The capabilities of the genealogical package are extensive. In fact, the TNG system is a fully-featured genealogical package which can be used to replace computer-based programs. Rod Violette has explored the installation and expressed pleasure with what it can do. Rod is the Violette Family Association Genealogist and is the one who built and maintains the database we use.

I’ll start posting stories at that web site explaining to our members how to use the Family Tree feature.

Over 216,000 people

That was the attendance at the Waste Management Phoenix Open today! The weather was nice, with a high of 78┬░ and no wind, so that encouraged many to attend. But this tournament has a reputation of being a great party event, and that brings a lot of folks out. The Phoenix Open is the largest event in the PGA tour. We not only have no desire to attend, we didn’t even watch it on TV.

Breakfast in the Park

On the first Saturday of each month we have a Breakfast in the Park event here in Royal Palm. It’s a great value at $5, and we never miss a chance to attend. There were over 60 people there this morning; a high is around 75. Perhaps the great weather took some people away.

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