A Thank You Dinner. A sun streak. More web work.

A Thank You Dinner

Diners at the Thank You Dinner tonight.

We were invited tonight by Gail Brazell to a thank you dinner for those who helped with the recent Taco Dinner event here at Royal Palm. About thirteen of us gathered at the Clubhouse to enjoy salad and lasagna and cake, and it was delicious. The place was decorated in an Italian restaurant theme – in keeping with the lasagna – and she had Italian music playing in the background. The latter was a nice touch. We enjoyed the company and had a good time.

We were also invited to a Super Bowl party, but neither of us felt we wanted to take on more food or snacking, so we went home. Elaine is napping while I am writing this, in fact.

A sun streak

A contrail streak lighted by the setting sun here in Royal Palm

As we drove back to the house we noticed a vivid pink-orange streak across the sky. It was a contrail brightly lit by the setting sun behind it. I hopped out of the golf cart and snapped a photo of it. You can just see the streak in the top center of the photo at right (it shows up better when you click on the photo to see the larger version).

More web work

I spent much of the day working on aspects of the Violette Family Association web site (VioletteFamily.org). I posted a story at the web site and in our Facebook group and page letting people know about the new family tree search capability.

But prior to that I updated our email list at Mailchimp with some recent additions. That was important so that the story I wrote will get delivered tomorrow morning to our mailing list.

I also did some updates to the PDF version of our Member Data Form. It is designed so that it can be filled in by opening the file in a browser or PDF reader program. The previous version was missing the form-fill for some fields, so I fixed all of those.

We have a standard Family Group Record form as well. That is a standard genealogical form used to record info about a husband and spouse and their children. I also made that as a fillable form to make it easier for people to use.

Both of those forms can also just be printed out and filled in by hand.

I spent some time trying to set up the SNAP plugin, which automatically sends posts from the web site to Facebook, but was not successful. I have no idea what I did wrong. When I did it for my own web site last week it went smoothly. I will try again.

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