Elaine a model. VFA membership.

Elaine a model

Elaine and five other women from Royal Palm will be models in an upcoming fashion show here in the Park. She and two others, Nina Page and Gladys Swartz, went up to Anthem this morning to select three outfits each that they will model in the show. They went to the store that is sponsoring the event, which will take place on Feb 28th. The fashion show will benefit the Park Association through ticket sales to attend the event. I made tickets for the event and they will go on sale this week.

VFA membership and genealogy

I published a story about the new family tree feature at the Violette Family Association (VioletteFamily.org) web site and it was posted to Facebook as well as being sent out to 708 email recipients. This has already brought a response in the form of updates and corrections being sent to Rod Violette, our Genealogist. This is great, for it will help make the database better and more accurate and will also allow Rod to expand it to include even more people.

I hope that this exposure will also encourage more Violettes to join the Association and to make ready for that I moved to working on the membership database part of the system.

I tried using a plugin called Ultimate Members, but found that it will not function the way we need it to. Most notably, this as well as most or all such membership plugins are based on individual membership. But VFA, as with others has membership based on family units; husband and wife are members together instead of separately. This introduces several unique requirements that the other plugins do not handle. So I have decided to write my own. I did this for the web site when it was running under ASP.NET, so I only have to translate the functions in to PHP. My ASP.NET process provided many excellent administrative functions to manage membership but did not provide for members to maintain their own data. I will add that feature to the new system. To do that I have to set up the user database under the new site for starters. Today I started working with the existing data to eventually import it into the new system. Since WordPress’s user system requires each user to have an email address I have to decide whether to use that system or develop my own login process from scratch.

This work keeps my brain lively!

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