Meal on the grill. Elaine’s hand. Construction in yard. Duplicate emails.

Meal on the grill

garlic steak
Garlic Steak and Cheesy Bacon Potato Hash Foil Packs

It sure smelled great around our place late this afternoon as the meal Elaine prepared was cooking on our grill. In fact, it raised some comments from the construction workers in our back yard! I can attest that it was delicious!

She saw the recipe on Facebook and downloaded it from CafeDelites. You can get it at She mostly followed the recipe she says, but did make her own changes to suit herself.

If you use the recipe I think the potatoes should either be cut into smaller pieces or partially cooked before putting them in the foil packages; ours were still a little hard. We also cooked it about five minutes longer to get the steak cooked more for Elaine’s taste.

Elaine’s hand

Elaine has been suffering with pain and stiffness in her left hand for several months, and it has been getting worse. It is at the point where she cannot easily write, and she is left-handed. She finally told me last night that it was time to see the doctor. First thing this morning I called Dr Johnson’s office and she was able to get in for an 11:45 appointment. She had to give up crafts today to do it, but it was worth it. It was easy to tell just how painful the hand is to watch her as Dr Johnson tested and manipulated her hand to get an idea of what was happening. Elaine was writhing with pain, and just about came off her chair. Dr J sent her for x-rays, and we will know more soon.

Construction in yard

backyard construction
Construction activity in our back yard. Our house on the right.
construction front
Construction activity in our side yard and in front.

We have had a construction crew in our back and side yards all day. They are from the gas company and are replacing some of the gas mains and services in the Park. It has been going on all over the Park, one area at a time. So we had equipment in the street in front of our house and digging and construction activity in the back and on our north side.

I was surprised that Gizmo was not more bothered by the activity, but he has stayed fairly quiet!

Late this afternoon the noise was worse, as they ran compactors to compact trench fill.

Duplicate emails

I need to deal with duplicate emails in the Violette Family Association’s member list. This happened partially because when enrolling child members they are usually given their parent’s email address since we don’t send mailings to children. It also happened because husband and wife often share an email address. In any case, with our new system each member must have a unique email address for starters. So I have gone through the member list in Excel yesterday and today and wrote 55 emails to duplicates asking which member the email address should apply to and what should be the email address for the other(s). The cleaned-up list will be imported into the new web site system as the starter for member logins.

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