Women’s Club. Flyers and tickets. More Violette Family work.

Women’s Club

Twice a month, the Women’s Club meets and today was the day. Elaine spent the latter half of the morning at the meeting; she is Vice President. The Women’s Club holds several events during the year and a most notable one is coming up next month. They honor the Paramedics that serve our community with a party at which they give them a check from the donations given by the Royal Palm community. One of their events – a penny and bake sale – had to be canceled in January because so many in our community were sick.

Flyers and tickets

fashion show flyer
The flyer for the upcoming Fashion Snow I mentioned a few days ago

I have been called on to design and print flyers for many events here in Royal Palm. I have also been printing tickets for some events.

I try to do colorful and attractive flyers with graphics that capture the tone and intent of the event. I print them on card stock so they hold up better when posted on bulletin boards.

fashion show tickets
A sheet of ten tickets for the Fashion Show.

Some of our events require tickets, and I use Avery ticket stock to print them on. This stock has ten tickets with stubs on a page, and all the tickets and stubs are perforated to make it easy to separate them. I use the tickets with stubs because for some paid events someone might not remember to bring their ticket so we have the stub as a record of payment.

More Violette Family work

Today I did some more work on cleaning up our member database. I processed the emails returned from what I sent out the last two days. Then I went through the list to see where we are missing RINs. The RIN is the Record Identification Number, a unique identifier assigned by Rod’s genealogical software. Each individual and each marriage has a unique RIN.

There were some in our membership list for whom we did not have RINs, and I worked on that today. In some cases I was able to determine the RIN if we had the parents on file for the member, since I could look up the parents in the genealogical database. In other cases we did not have the parent info. When I had no way of finding the RIN I wrote an email to the member requesting info that would allow us to either find the family in the family tree and add them to get their new RIN, or info that would allow Rod to add them to the tree.

The importance of the RIN is that is the key for the family tree function at the web site, since they provide a link to the database. Searches for families and relations depend on having the RIN for the starting person.

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  1. When I saws all those emails I went into panic mode until I realized what they were about. But, they should generate some additional traffic.

    Today is one of my golf days.

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