Supper at Bingo. 84 nice for swimming. Washing golf cart. Genealogical update.

Supper at Bingo

Elaine at Bingo
Elaine with her Bingo layout

For an unusual scenario, I had supper at Bingo tonight. No, I didn’t stay for the games. Elaine didn’t feel like cooking and neither did I, so I went along with her. What’s for supper? I had a hot dog and a pair of soft shell tacos. More than enough! And, they were good! We never have hot dogs at home, so this was a chance for me to indulge.

84° and nice for swimming

Though it was about 14° above average, it was not a record. But it sure was nice. In fact, we have been swimming several times this week given the nice weather. Though the pool thermometer reads 87°, all of us in the water agreed that it felt more like 83° and not the 85° Elaine likes best. But once in, you get used to it soon. Except that it takes Elaine more than a quick plunge to get it. She takes it slowly and gradually!

Washing golf cart

The nice weather also encouraged me to wash the golf cart. I should have done it a week or more ago, but kept putting it off. So after making a recycle run I left the golf cart in the street in front of the house and did a wash job. The windshield, which had been so dusty and spotted that it was hard to see through, is now clear. Apparently the golf cart looks better, too, because as I was taking a drive to dry it off a neighbor remarked on the fact that I had just washed it. Perhaps the sight of water on the floorboards may have tipped her off, but I was hoping it was that it looked so clean.

Genealogical update

Rod sent me an updated GED file from his genealogical database today and I uploaded it to our web site. These updates are the result of dozens of people contacting him with changes and additions after I wrote the story about the new Family Tree feature. We expect that activity will continue, as we keep getting the message out.


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