Scale removal. Bluetooth hassles. Learning PHP.

Scale removal

descaling shower head
Here’s how we are descaling our shower head – a plastic bag filled with vinegar.

When I took my shower this morning I noticed a reduced water flow. We have the type of shower head that has the little rubber nozzles, so I flicked and manipulated them to help clear them from scale. This did some help, but did not thoroughly remove the scale. When Elaine went to the kitchen sink to fill the water pot she commented that we had reduced flow there as well as in the shower. I removed the faucet aerator and we soaked it in vinegar all morning and that seems to have removed most or all of the scale. We then put vinegar in a plastic bag and stuffed the shower head into the bag and left it the rest of the day. We’ll find out in the morning if that did the job there.

Bluetooth hassles

One of Elaine’s favorite tools is her Cricut Explore Air cutting machine. And recently it has been her greatest source of frustration. The Air has Bluetooth capability built in (that’s a form of wireless communication between devices) and we have used that since it means there is no cable connecting her computer and her Explore.

After replacing her computer recently, that Bluetooth connection has not worked properly. Normally the two machines would connect immediately and automatically once she started the Design Space software, but that changed. I had found a way to reconnect them but that has not always worked.

Today I finally called Cricut support but they were not able to solve the problem. She walked me through several steps, all of which I had been doing, with no improvement. But she did give me an idea that will likely help – switch from using Bluetooth to using a USB cable. Duh!

I dug out the USB cable that came with the Cricut and connected it, and it seemed to make things better. A problem: her computer sits to the left of the machine and the USB port for the computer is on its far left and that for the Cricut is on its far right. The cable would only reach if I moved the Cricut a little closer to the computer. But that takes up too much of her working space so this afternoon I bought a USB-A extender cable and now the two connect easily.

Learning PHP

I spent some time today exploring various techniques I will need to expand the Violette Family Association web site – – to handle member data additions and updates. I have a thoroughly functional system written in ASP.NET/VB.NET but that won’t work in the WordPress/PHP system in which the web site runs. So I need to rewrite things for the new system. As I do this I will streamline the operation and add some features the old one did not have. At the same time I am restructuring the databases to avoid replication of data in more than one table. I get sort of distracted at times because there are so many different aspects to deal with and I am not sure just where to start. But I will get it sorted out soon.

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