Breakfast at Butterfield’s. Stamp sales. Web work.

Breakfast at Butterfield’s

classic bennie
I had the Classic Bennie, an egg benedict dish, with hash browns
french toast
Lisa had the Wildbliss French Toast, which makes an awesome presentation

Pete has been raving about breakfast at a restaurant in Scottsdale that friend Lisa took him to some time ago. So this week I decided we should try it and asked Pete for the restaurant’s name so I could check it out. I found Butterfield’s Pancake House on E Shea just east of Scottsdale Rd. He called last night and we made plans to go this morning – all four of us.

We’d go back! I had a Classic Bennie (poached eggs, canadian bacon, english muffin, and hollandaise), Elaine had Banana Pecan Cranberry Oatmeal (she gave me all her cranberries). Pete had an omelet.  But Lisa’s choice was impressive – the Wildberry Bliss Toast (Stuffed with wildberry mascarpone, topped with vanilla cream, fresh wildberries, and glaze). She shared tastes with Elaine and me.

Stamp sales

While breakfasting Elaine mentioned that she had been cleaning out some of her crafting supplies, notably the rubber stamps. Lisa became immediately interested, and once we were back home she came over to see what Elaine had. She ended up buying the whole batch, along with some ink pads!

Elaine has not been using rubber stamps much lately, so decided to clear them out and make some room for new things. She has found she can use “digistamps”, which are digital images which I can capture and then print onto paper stock for her to use. Besides, if she ever wants to use one of the rubber stamps she knows where to find them!

Web work

I worked much of the rest of the day on the Violette Family Association web site ( My major thrust at this time is getting set up to manage member profiles. As I have mentioned before, I am learning WordPress and PHP/MySQL from scratch. Today I was very excited at the major breakthrough I made in being able to set up a data form, make a query to a database table, and populate the form fields with data from the database. I had to learn several new (to me) techniques to accomplish this.

I have been learning using a couple of books: “WordPress all-in-one For Dummies” and “PHP and MySQL For Dummies” – both excellent tutorials. I have also been learning by studying existing code from routines from plugins already installed in the web site.

My progress will slow some the next week or so, though, with a little frustration. I have to start work on the upcoming March newsletter for Royal Palm, and I also have to prepare for a meeting with our new tax CPA on Monday, February 19th. Both of those will take a fair amount of time, but I will spend whatever is left over making more progress on the web stuff.

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