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I started today working on the March issue of The Palm Press, the newsletter of the Royal Palm Park Association. It will go to press in a week and a half, so I have to get started now. Today I copied February’s file to start March’s, and then did the basic edits such as replacing “February” with “March”. I also removed all the items pertaining to events that are February-based. Tomorrow I will work on content for March.

Web work

Most of the day I worked on the Violette Family Association web site, expanding on the work of the last couple of days. And I am very pleased with the results! I have made great strides, though I am not ready yet to show the public the new features.

To me the results of programming, and especially web programming, is almost like magic. You work behind the scenes, design and create a page and content, and carefully write the program steps to make it happen. When things go right the proper content appears on the web page – like magic! Of course, when things do not go right you get garbage on the page and probably some mysterious error message. In the latter case, you have to go back into the code and try to figure out what the error message was referring to. Sometimes it is as simple as a forgotten semicolon (;) or a misspelled command phrase. Other times it can be more complex.

Part of the challenge is to figure out what the page needs to show. The next challenge is to figure out how to accomplish the result. It is easy when the content is just text and/or graphics. But when the content must be drawn from database tables with queries,  the challenge becomes greater. But with over 20 years of web programming, I am quite good at data functions. I started building sites in 1995 that used databases, right from the start. So that’s my forte.

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